Prosperous’s Brave Daniel needs a new heart

Brave Daniel O'Reilly Allen needs a new heart.

Brave Daniel O'Reilly Allen needs a new heart.

A little Prosperous boy has been placed on the transplant list for a new heart after doctors concluded that medication was no longer effective.

Little Daniel O’Reilly Allen was born on July 18, 2009 with a heart disease, Hypertropic Cardiomyopty.

When he was nine months old his doctors sent him and his parents Sinead and Danny over to a specialist in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to see if they could help with the management of Daniels heart disease.

“They were fantastic over there and tweaked Daniel’s medication somewhat with the hope of relaxing Daniel’s heart,” Sinead explains. “The doctors told us that if we can get Daniel’s heart to grow bigger, they would have more medical options.”

But Daniel’s condition worsened and eventually Doctors had to operate on him in August, as their only hope.

That operation was not a success.

“Six weeks later we were sent back to Great Ormond St. once more, and were given the news that Daniel had reached the end of the road with medication. There are no more options. He was placed on a list for transplant.”

The HSE will pay for the transplant, which Sinead says they are “very grateful for”.

However, the family will have no income in the UK as they wait for Daniel to recover.

“Only time will tell how long that will be for. It could be a very short time, or it could be months.

“From the time we were first sent to Great Ormond St. we travelled over every three to six months. Each time his heart was so bad but he remained such a happy kid. Daniel is a fantastic child. A true heart warrior.”

To support ‘Daniel’s New Heart Appeal’, contact Aidan (087-9614540), danielsnewheartappeal@gmail.com orfacebook.com/danielsnewheartappeal.




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