Progress on new health centre for Kilcock

Kilcock town centre, where new brewery and new supermarket based jobs are on the cards in the not too distant future.

Kilcock town centre, where new brewery and new supermarket based jobs are on the cards in the not too distant future.

Kildare County Council has agreed to materially contravene its own development plan to grant planning permission for a new Primary CAre Centre at the Bawnogues in Kilcock.

At its meeting in Aras Chill Dara Naas on 29 June, a required majority of the councillors voted for the plan.

The planned development would consist2335sqm building built in two and three storeys.

The permission also includes the changing the location and upgrading the existing site entrance at Brayton Park, new landscaping and parking for eight cars and twelve bicycles.

Becuse the proposal would not comply with objective SCO4 of the County Development Plan, which effectively earmarked the land for open space and amenity land only, the Council had to change the zoning.

Hence the decision yesterday.

Indications before hand, at the first meeting of the new Maynooth-Clane electoral area, were that it was very important the project go ahead.

There was no opposition to the plan.

Some councillors made a specific point of stressing that the plan should go ahead and there was no alternative view point.

It is not thought that putting the health centre on the amenity land would mean a loss of amenity land and open space for the Kilcock area.

The was a general welcome for the project.

When it was first announced, Kildare North TD, Deputy Emmet Stagg said it it given the go-ahead it is envisaged the Centre will be built as a Public Private Partnership.

“Local GP’s have expressed their interest in the project which is critical for its delivery. It is expected that the Primary Care Centre will be operational by late 2015.”

He then he will push for delivery at an earlier date.

“A Primary Care Centre will make a real difference to the way in which the people of Kilcock access health care services in the community. Primary Care Centres will be the first point of contact for people who need to access health services in the years ahead. In a developed Primary Care system, as envisaged by the Government, up to 95% of people’s day-to-day health and social care needs can be provided in a community setting.”Primary Care includes GPs, public health nurses and a range of other services such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Home Help Support Staff




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