Pregnant Kildare mum’s car clamped outside home

Lisa O'Shaughnessy. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Lisa O'Shaughnessy. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

A PREGNANT lady, who had her car clamped outside her home even though she had a permit, is furious with the way she has been treated.

“The day after the clamping, I had to go to the doctor. I have high blood pressure, since then I have been off work and I am thinking about it every day. I am so annoyed,” explained Lisa O’Shaughnessy from Kildare town.

“If I parked in the main street in Kildare and I didn’t have a ticket and I got clamped I would say it’s my own fault. But being clamped outside my own front door when 
I have a permit is ridiculous. I 
don’t want to go into labour and 
find my car clamped outside again,” she said.

On October 10 Lisa had parked her car outside her apartment at Ruanbeg Court in Ruanbeg Manor. Her block of apartments is maintained by Donode Management Company Limited. A private parking company called Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems (NCPS) looks after the parking on its behalf.

“I was clamped from 10am to 1.30pm in the afternoon, it took 14 phone calls to get the management company and three phone calls to NCPS. They fobbed me off looking for E150 to removed the clamp,” she outlined. She said she refused to pay and showed the parking attendant the permit, which she admitted was in the back window and not inside the front windscreen. She said the attendant then declared she would still have to pay E50 for administration purposes. “Then in the end they saw the 
state I was in and released it without charge,” 
she said.

A statement issued by Donode Management Company Limited said prior to the introduction of clamping there were ongoing issues relating to illegal parking, abandoned cars and general obstruction of the common area 
car parks adjacent to the apartments. It said the AGM was held on the May 17 and no complaints were made in relation to clamping.

It said “there are several avenues available to members to address any issues they may have, we do our utmost to ensure all issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner.”. An NCPS spokesperson said a E50 fee had been sought but the clamp had been released free of charge. He said the permit had not been in the correct place and was not seen by the attendant.




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