Pot hole danger in Kildare town estate

Ian Weir and John F Kennedy at the Plains. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Ian Weir and John F Kennedy at the Plains. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Some Kildare Town residents are fearful a serious accident may occur due to the appearance of a number of large pot holes in their estate.

The residents are hoping the council might tackle the problem even though the estate is in NAMA and is not its responsibility.

Ian Weir from The Plains explained the pot holes are near a corner and cars are swerving onto the other side of the road to avoid them.

“It’s very dangerous, especially at peak times when people are dropping their children to school in the morning and collecting them in the afternoon,” he said.

He said some street light bulbs also needed to be replaced. Mr Weir said they had gathered a petition from 75% of the residents to initiate the council’s taking in charge process.

Kildare County Council said it has been actively trying to secure funds from the bonds to complete the development satisfactorily since 2011. It said the bond provider had only engaged with the council in the last two months to complete the estate. It explained building control staff met with residents in June.

“The council’s priority in this case is to secure the satisfactory completion of the development through the bond provider. Once we see tangible progress or at least receive a solid commitment in this regard, the council can then commence the formal taking in charge process for the development without any further delay,” it said in a statement.




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