Old water pump a new feature on Leixlip street

Denis McCarthy and Anthony Larkin installing Leixlip new street pump

Denis McCarthy and Anthony Larkin installing Leixlip new street pump

A group from Leixlip Town Council’s town improvments sub-committee and the Tidy Town Association have added to the street architecture of Leixlip.

On 8 March, Denis McCarthy and Anthony Larkin were putting the finishing touches to a new flowerbed and pump at Gallavan’s Cross, where the old Maynooth road intersects with the Celbridge road beside Scoil Ui Dalaigh.

The flower bed had been in hibernation for some time, having been orgininally located at the plaza beside Arthur Guinnes Square.

It is now being prepared for a set of shrubs with ten tonnes of soil from the Ladychapel area added.

Its main feature, however, is a old street water pump which was located and bought by Cllr. McCarthy on the Naas road.

Such pumps ,once the only public water supply for many homes in former times, are more ornaments than anything else.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it will not produce water. A former pump at the Main Street did produce that precious liquid but at one point washing up liquid was added to the mix producing a large quantity of suds.

Comedy emerged when an Irish Water employee known to the working party shouted out from a vanthat it would be soon metered.

Anthony Larkin said the project, which cost “under a grand,” was supported by the County Council .




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