Not everybody is entitled to a house here in Naas

Caravans parked alongside the canal at Sallins.

Caravans parked alongside the canal at Sallins.

Not all of those who occupy caravans in the Naas area have a right to seek local authority housing locally.

A number of people living in caravans around Naas, Kill and Sallins having moved into the area may not necessarily be seeking a permanent home anyway.

Moreover according to Kildare County council it has a responsibility only to those who are on its housing list and not to people who move in from another area and who may have a home elsewhere, or be on the housing list of a local authority elsewhere.

It has been claimed that some have left local authority housing elsewhere to move to the Naas area.

Legal action was taken by the council against some people living in temporary accommodation off the ring roads and people have also moved on to and at Kill and, more recently Sallins.

KCC is about to adopt a five year programme for the accommodation of travelling families in the area, and these proposals will be on display at Aras Chill Dara until February 23.

A KCC area meeting heard that people who have moved on to private land at Sallins previously lived in Kill and moved after legal action was initiated.

Allegations have been made about anti social behaviour since some moved into Sallins, and it was claimed at the area meeting that some young people have difficulty accessing soccer playing facilities.

KCC official Eamonn O’Sullivan said efforts are made to recoup both legal fees and clean up costs once people move out.

He pointed out however that in general a court judge will grant not grant an “open injunction” and court orders in general must refer to a specific piece of land and against named individuals, who are living at that location at that time.




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