Newbridge woman requests help for reunion with long-lost sister

Susan Connolly, Newbridge. Photo: Jimmy Fullam.

Susan Connolly, Newbridge. Photo: Jimmy Fullam.

A Newbridge native, who was raised with her three brothers in a State institution has just learned that she has another sister.

Susan Connolly learned last Easter that she has a younger half sister called Linda aged 52 alive and well and living in the UK. They will meet for the first time this summer. The two women share the same mother but never knew about each other until recently.

“We all grew up in institutions,” said Susan who was born in the UK and no lives at Fengrove on Standhouse Road. “It was by pure accident that we learned about Linda. My brother came across a message on the internet. He looked at the site and recognised his father’s name, mother’s, brother’s and my name. The message had been left six years earlier but he replied and within 24 hours we were in touch with Linda.”

According to Susan her car will not be big enough to transport Linda and her family when they arrive in Dublin Airport on July 11 next and so she is looking for offers to help make the meeting something a bit special.

“I would love to be able to collect them from the airport, “ she explained. “After 52 years I don’t want them to have to take a bus down to Newbridge. She will be travelling with her three daughters and grandchild so there will be four adults and a six month old baby to collect.

“It is too special for it to be another part of our lives that starts badly. I want it to start well.

“Up until I phoned her I didn’t know I had a sister called Linda. Our first conversation was on Good Friday. When Linda was five years old she was fostered and the family asked her to pick a middle name so she chose Susan not knowing she had an older sister called Susan. She told me that she always wanted an older sister.” To help out, contact or call 897302.




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