Newbridge homes ruined by flooding and sewage

Dara Park residents outside their flooded homes. Photo: Jimmy Fullam.

Dara Park residents outside their flooded homes. Photo: Jimmy Fullam.

Several homes and gardens in Newbridge were destroyed by flash flooding which hit certain parts of the town last Sunday during a period of heavy rainfall.

“My house is wrecked,” said Caroline Websdale of Dara Park on Monday. “The water came in through the front and out the back.

“We are here pulling up skirting boards and throwing out my three piece suite. The was sewage in the water and the smell is unnatural. There were sanitary towels, tampons and used tissues and everyone is walking around it.”

She added that the famiy had no choice but to sleep in the home on Sunday night.

“The fire brigade arrived at 11pm with sand bags but we requested help at 6.20pm.”

She said she was not told the house was built in a flood zone when she bought it off the Council.

“This part of Dara Park is known as ‘the saucer’ and when the water comes it comes in under the foundations. The walls are just mush and the houses, four in total, are sinking. I think the only solution is to knock the houses and rebuild them. The foundations are too low and the problem is not going to go away.”

According to Caroline, who lives in the house with her husband Cliff and 18 year old daughter Lauren, the problem will cost millions to fix.

“Kildare County Council know the problem and tried to say it was fixed,” she added. “I’m paying my mortgage and for what? Do we just keep doing up our houses for nothing? One of my neighbours kept the plastic on her new sofa in case of a flood. She saw the brown dye running out of it so it’s ruined.”

The flooding occurs within a short period of time for the family and three neighbours.

“I pay €1,000 a year in insurance and as far as I know I am covered by insurance this time but I’m not likely to get cover next year.”

Other areas affected by the flood on Sunday included Main St, The Oaks housing estate and Langton Park.

Shane Connelly of Langton Park said the water came within an inch of his house but his yard was flooded. “There is sewage in my yard and my boiler got destroyed as well as everything in the shed,” he said.

“All the drains have filled up. Since the council allowed apartments and more houses in the area the rain water has no where to go. The council needs to improve the drainage around here.”

One resident of the Oaks described the flow through the estate as ‘like a river’ Sunday evening. The Environmental Health Officer visited Dara Park on Monday afternoon and a full clean up by the council is excepted for Tuesday.




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