New Naas councillors set to come under pressure

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas.                Photo Tony Keane.

Pedestrian crossing at North Main Street, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

If you’re up and about early enough of a morning in Naas you’ll see the town council’s street cleaning machine trundling to and fro, sweeping and hoovering up the refuse strewn about the street.

The work is almost invisible, taking place before students arrive for school or shops and offices open for business.

It’s a small but potent symbol the relevance of a town council.

Unlike the talking shops of Newbridge Town Council and Leixlip Town Council, which have no budget, Naas Town Council provides services.

There was a motion tabled at a recent NTC meeting asking that street cleaning services start at 7am in Naas and local people will demand that these services survive beyond the abolition of the town council. Naas Town Council, in one form or another, is 114 years old and it comes to an end this month.

As Town Manager Eamonn O’Sullivan said recently the people of Naas should notice no difference. There ought to be no diminution in the level of services in the town. The town council has done much good work in recent years. Naas Town Hall, a building for all, is one of the most attractive buildings anywhere and people who live in the town should take some pride in it as they should the work done to enhance the appearance of the lakes and the general appearance (apart from the increasing number of derelict buildings dotted on and off the main street) of the town. It’s not all down to NTC because groups like the Tidy Towns organisation do their share, but NTC has been good for the town. Whether it’s about luck, vision, foresight or coincidence, the town has been fairly well planned and there are no ghost estates. The message appears to be - vote for a candidate based in the town.




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