New Craddockstown school could open without footpath and lights

Work in progress at the new school site at Craddockstown, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

Work in progress at the new school site at Craddockstown, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

There is likely to be delay of up to two years before adequate footpaths are provided for the new school under construction at Craddockstown, Naas.

Politicians face pressure from parents to ensure that the approach to the school is adequately lit and paths and constructed as quickly as possible. There was a considerable delay before footpath were completed and pedestrian lights were installed on the approach to Piper’s Hill College.

A Naas Town Council meeting last week heard the county council is overseeing “compliance with the various conditions and this is “an ongoing matter.”

However it also emerged that the land may have to be acquired under a compulsory purchase order to widen the road to provide paths and cycleways and “this part of the programme will take up to 2 years to deliver.”

Fees of almost €338,000 have been paid or are due to be paid to KCC to provide some of these works and this money was to have been paid before work started “or in such phased payments as the planning authority may facilitate”.

“It would be a disaster to have a school without footpaths to it,” said Cllr. Seamie Moore told the meeting.

“The school will be an important part of the town and the paths are needed; it will be a very busy road.”

Cllr. Moore predicted: “We’ll have a school without paths or lights for two years; it’s a major problem especially when young children start to use it.” (The school will initially serve as a second level community school but will revert to a national school). He demanded that senior council officials take the action needed to ensure that footpaths, cycle parks, traffic lights and road lights and road widening measures are in place so it won’t be necessary to ”wait until late 2016.”




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