Naas Town Hall set to become a venue for civil marriages

Naas Town Hall, 2011.    Photo Tony Keane.

Naas Town Hall, 2011. Photo Tony Keane.

Naas Town Hall looks likely to become a venue for civil weddings in the future, depending on demand.

There’s little doubt that the historic - but underused - building offers an appropriate setting for non-church weddings and local politicians, notably Cllr. Anne Breen, is keen to have the building used to a greater extent.

Currently most non-church weddings take place at the HSE offices in Monread, Naas, but most councillors feel that the Town Hall would be an ideal setting for these ceremonies. At the moment only 6 groups use the building and plans to continue local authority meetings in the upstairs council chamber have run aground - because council staff are unwilling to work beyond 5.30pm. This effectively means that meetings of the Naas Municipal District take place at the council offices off the Newbridge Road. In theory there is little to prevent the Town Hall to be used for civil marriages.

The only criteria that must be met by intending couples is that the venue has unrestricted public access, has full disability access, hadas adequate capacity, holds public liability insurance cover and is clearly identifiable by ”description and location.”

The first civil marriages in Naas took place at the Monread office in 2010 - when civil unions came into being.

Since them, on average, more that 200 marriages have been “solemnised” in Monread; although some have taken place off site at other locations.

Last year about 40% of weddings took place away from the Naas offices. A total of 266 civil marriages took place in Monread in 2010 and this fell to 215 in 2011. It fell further to 180 civil unions in 2012 and last year there were 200 civil ceremonies in Naas.

On average 4 civil marriages take place in Monread every week.




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