Naas site will not be a dump

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The applicant seeking a waste facility permit at Kerdiffstown, outside Naas, insists the area will not be used as a dump.

According to David Boylan only subsoil, stone and topsoil will be taken there if the application for a waste facility permit succeeds.

“Basically this is a land reclamation project and nothing more,” Mr. Boylan told the Leinster Leader, which broke the story a week ago.

He said the intention is to turn the site back into agricultural land.

The site is close to the unrelated site formerly operated by AI waste, which was closed down by a High Court order secured by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA’s action in this unrelated case was prompted by smells and fires at that dump.

Fred Symmons, a consultant with considerable experience in this area who prepared the application, told the Leader that no refuse would be taken to the site. He also criticised parts of a statement issued by the environmental group Clean Air Naas as alarmist and said it contained inaccurate language.




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