Naas residents continue protest over parking in estate

Residents of Fr. Murphy Estate, Naas, protesting on Thursday, August 28.                                   Photo Tony Keane.

Residents of Fr. Murphy Estate, Naas, protesting on Thursday, August 28. Photo Tony Keane.

A group of Naas residents under siege in their own homes have vowed to continue their daily protest until the council takes measures to ensure their safety.

The residents of the nine houses at Fr. Murphy Place, Sallins Road, Naas, spoke of critically ill residents having to be lifted on stretchers over parked cars because there was no other route from their homes to the ambulance.

They also feel intimidated by antisocial behaviour, particularly at night, and some are afraid to leave their homes at times.

The residents have united to protest tweleve hours a day, seven days a week, at the entrance to the estate, blocking anyone without legitimate business there from getting in to park.

“One lady had a heart attack and had to be lifted out on to the main Sallins Road because the emergency services couldn’t get near her front door,” according to Maura Burke, one of the first residents to move into the 30 year old council estate.

“We sent a petition to the council 4 or 5 years ago. More recently we spent two weeks taking the number plates of every car illegally parked here. Nothing was done.” she added.

“They park illegally on the double yellow lines all day, up on the grass, anywhere they will fit,” said another resident Tommy Armitage.

“Local business people park here all day, Mothers abandon their cars here, drop their kids and go shopping and for coffee. They don’t care.”

“There’s a multistory car park across the way with hundreds of spaces. He’s offering a deal to parents to park and shop during the school run for E7.50 a week and only four people availed of it in the past year,” said Karen Craven-Hannon.

Local Councillor Anne Breene (Lab) has tabled a motion for the next municipal district meeting of the council seeking a controlled barrier at the entrance to the estate.

“Hederman’s car park is only a three minute walk from the schools and it’s 60c an hour. There’s no excuse for people, there’s plenty of parking available,” she said, adding she hoped her colleagues on the council would support her motion.




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