Naas resident threatens to block road if lorries don’t stop

Pat Dowling protests about damage to the road from large trucks.      Photo Tony Keane.

Pat Dowling protests about damage to the road from large trucks. Photo Tony Keane.

A Naas man is threatening to repeatedly block a rural road near Rathmore if lorries laden with infill continue to use it as a shortcut.

Pat Dowling, who lives off the Naas-Blessington Road, near Beggar’s End, claims the weight of the lorries is damaging the road and poses a safety risk to other motorists.

Rather than using the motorway to get to Naas and then turning right at the Blessington Road, the drivers opt to leave the motorway miles from Naas; turning off before the Kill junction and driving towards Arthurstown and on to the road.

The drivers are on their way to a quarry at Walshestown, Punchestown, which is in the process of being filled in with, clay, rock and concrete. “The road was never meant to take these kind of vehicles and these numbers and the fear is that there will be an accident because of the amount of weight they carry,” Pat Dowling told the Leader.

“There are potholes on the road but more serious is that the edge of the road is broken away in places as the lorries pull in to avoid other vehicles,” he added. Mr. Dowling does not claim that the vehicles are exceeding the 60kph speed limit but because loads weighing 30 or 40 tonnes are being carried it could mean that the lorries will be unable to stop quickly in safety if necessary.

“I’d estimate that at peak times early in the morning and late at night 30 an hour use it.If nothing is done I will go out and I will block them again, I now I’m not supposed do this but I will and I’ve told the gardai and the council I will do it and the neighbours will do it.

I’m disappointed that Kildare County Council did not come out and have a look at it because at the end of the day they’re responsible for the road.”

He said that management at the quarry have also asked the drivers to stop.




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