Naas paddleboarder plans second trip

Justin Kinahan.

Justin Kinahan.

Naas man Justin Kinahan is planning another trip on his paddle board. Like the recent journey which took him from Dublin to Limerick, he hopes to raise money for charity.

Paddling for between 8 and 10 hours a day, it took Justin a total of ten days to travel the 300km to Limerick from the capital last May - and it cost him 7 kilograms (over a stone) in body weight.

“It was a very tough at times, tougher than I actually imagined. I had to struggle against 25-30 knot winds and 2-3ft wind blown swell on Lough Derg which made crossing it next to impossible,” Justin told the Leader.

He said not only was the trip physically demanding it was mentally tough because he was flying solo and had to motivate himself.

When he was exhausted from fighting the elements he had to learn to push through and make it to the next destination. Justin’s mode of transport was a paddle board - a longer and wider version of a surfboard, which is a little over two and a half feet wide and fourteen feet long, with which he glided through the water with a long handed paddle.

“It wasn’t all hard work though. Some of the sights I got to see were amazing and rewarding, like the wildlife in the middle of nowhere - birds, foxes, swans, a beautiful forest garden of bluebells.”

The next trip is still in the planning stage.




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