Naas eviction threat demonstration

Anti eviction protest at Kerdiff Park, Naas.                                 Photo Tony Keane.

Anti eviction protest at Kerdiff Park, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.


Up to 80 people staged a protest at a house in Naas today to stave off a threatened eviction.

Anti eviction action groups from outside County Kildare descended on Kerdiff Park where the Fitzgibbon family have lived for over a decade, having re-mortgaged the detached home in 2003.

Also present was Independent Dail deputy Mattie McGrath, who represents the Tipperary South constituency and Newbridge councillor Damien Molyneaux.

Some of the demonstrators held placards, erected the Irish flag and a replica of a flag used during the 1916 Rising.

Ian Fitzgibbon told the Leader he fears he and his family will be evicted from the house because of a mortgage debt of €300,000 owed to ACCBank, also his former employer. He claimed that ACCBank had refused to negotiate repayment terms.

He said the house is in “positive equity” because it has a market value of between €420-425,000 but he had been told that the Sheriff would repossess the dwelling today.

However by 5pm, the Sheriff had not arrived and some - but not all - of those who had demonstrated in Kerdiff Park had left Naas.

A statement issued to the Leader on behalf of ACCBank said it could not comment for reasons of confidentiality




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