Naas community centre plan gets the thumbs down

A group of residents opposed to the construction of a community centre to serve Monread are intensifying their campaign to halt the project.

They are angry that Naas Town council - at the last meeting before it was dissolved - voted in favour of the project which has been in the pipeline for about a decade.

They’re objecting to the location of the building at Maudlins Avenue, close to houses at Gleann na Riogh. The building was originally to be built at a location off Monread Road.

But there were no dissenting councillor voices at the council meeting, which was attended by the representatives of the Gleann na Riogh residents group, as observers.

Cllr. Seamie Moore said that the project would benefit the community and said “we’re glad it’s gone through.” He said all of the councillors “are fully behind it” and described the location as “a very acceptable site.”

But residents fear that people engaged in anti-social behaviour in Monread Park might drift towards the centre and to the nearby houses.

Cllr. Darren Scully said the centre is needed, especially to the north of Naas said it will be open within 12 months.

He said some people who are negative towards it will see its benefit once it opens.

“This will be a community centre, not a pub or a night club or a gym or disco and it’s for all the community,” said Cllr. Scully.

Many of the councillors have complained that there is not community meeting places in the area.

Some argued that the formerly chosen site at Monread Park was unsuitable because of the traffic volumes, much of it industrial, using the route.

“We’ve waited for this for 10 years and there are a lot of uses it could have,” said Cllr Willie Callaghan.

The objectors have claimed the councillors proceeded with the plan without first consulting them.




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