Murder inquiry: shocked Edenderry people recall a quiet and inoffensive man



Edenderry Gardai are investigating the death of a man his sixty’s who is described by locals as quiet and inoffensive.

The body of Edenderry native Thomas (Toddy) Dooley, was discovered in his house in the estate known as Sister Senan Court at 2.45 on Sunday afternoon, February 16.

The scene was preserved for a technical examination - and on yesterrday, Monday, February 17, Gardai upgraded their investigation from suspicous death to murder.

Concerned locals had contacted Gardai when they hadn’t seen the deceased for a number of days.

And when Gardai entered the house they discovered the deceased’s body on a couch in the living room.

Announcing the upgrading of their investigation, they explained that Mr. Dooley’s death was “not a sudden death”.

Mr. Dooley, who had been married, but now separated, was living alone.

Neighbours recalled an innoffensive and quiet man who was well known in the town.

“He was a quiet man who stuck to himself and wouldn’t be out around or causing grief,” said local town councillor Finian O’Neill.

“I was up there this morning and people are deeply shocked. It’s an area of little old people’s dwellings, and there’s lots of people living on their own.

“He was from a large family, from Francis Street here in the town. He would have been well known for fundraising for REHAB. He used to stand outside Tesco selling tickets for many years.”

“He was married, but that was many years ago at this stage,” Cllr. O’Neill said.

“You’d feel terribly sorry for his family. It’s a dreadful tragedy in any town. You see it elsewhere but when it visits your own town it’s a terrible thing”.

The Leinster Leader understands that Mr. Dooley suffered extensive head injuries.




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