Milltown Forogie stand up to bullying with FAB night

Miltown For�ige Group  at Miltown Gaa Hall. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Miltown For�ige Group at Miltown Gaa Hall. Photo. Jimmy Fullam.

Milltown Foroige hosted an event to tackle bullying on Friday, February 28 in the Milltown GAA Hall.

It was called a FAB February event meaning “Foroige Against Bullying”.

“The concept was developed by the Foroige reference panel two years ago,” said PRO Mary Boland.

“A group of 50 young people nationwide were elected at local level. They come together during the year to work on issues relevant to young people. From this and following best practise an anti-bullying workshop has been devised.”

During February Foroige asks their clubs and members to do something positive to raise awareness about bullying and its effects.

“Milltown Foroige has invited all Kildare Foroige clubs to come to Milltown for games coordinated by Marc Tuffy,” she added.

“And to take part in the workshops coordinated by Susan Carey the Foroige development officer with the support of the volunteer leaders and then everyone enjoyed some Pizza and treats to finish off the night.”

The theme of the event was to support and encourage those around you through positive affirmations. This can be achieved through listening, giving praise and encouraging young people to achieve their potential.

Many suggested ways to do this include activities and games that build trust and where everyone can get to know each other better; A buddy system where young people befriend and mentor those who are shy and isolated and may need extra help in really becoming a part of the group; and even making time for a cup of tea and a biscuit to get a conversation started in a special enviroment between young people and adults.

“It helps highlight the positive work that Foroige clubs are doing for their members and in their communities,” added Mary.




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