Maynooth Fire station condition too embarrassing for visit

Maynooth Fire Station, which has been criticised

Maynooth Fire Station, which has been criticised

A French group wanting to visit Maynooth Fire station was steered away from the station because the poor condition of it was “really disgraceful,” two public meetings heard.

At Maynooth Community Council on 10 March, the chairman, Tom McMullon, said that a firemen from Maynooth’s twin town in France, Canet en Roussillon wanted to visit a the Maynooth fire station.

Cllr. John McGinley was against this. “The roof is falling in. It is embarrassing,” he said speaking of a leak in the ceiling of the lecture room. Following a motion that the Council idenfity a new location for a station, the Chief Fire Officer told the Celbridge councillors said that it is accepted that the current site is unsuitable but there is no money for new stations or sites for them from the Department of Environment.”

Cllr. McGinley said the the Fire Service wanted to move to a new base opposite ESSO near the motorway but the National Road Authority put a stop to that. He said it argued the location was dangerous.

Cllr. McGinley said the Fire Service was “recently embarrassed to show the (current) building to school children. Cllr. Senan Griffin said the M4 site is still available. The CFO said the selection of a new site will require consideration of many different factors. He and the committee asked that the CFO and the NRA talk to each other about the issue.

Following the meeting, Council spokesperson, Sonya Kavanagh, issued the Leader with a statement following questions raised at the Community Council meeting. It said: “The Fire Station building in Maynooth is fit for purpose comprising three fire engine bays, office accommodation, a kitchen, a muster area and a gym. In recent years there has been investment in a new compressor and exhaust extraction system. The Fire Station in Maynooth regularly hosts school visits and the Firemen from Canet en Roussillon would be very welcome to visit the station or any of the other stations in County Kildare.”




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