Leixlip car park exit design review

The exit at the Church of Our Lady's Nativity car park in Leixlip

The exit at the Church of Our Lady's Nativity car park in Leixlip

KILDARE County Council is to have a closer look at the exit to one of the town of Leixlip’s main car parks.

There have been complaints about the exit at the Church of Our Lady’s Nativity in Leixlip for some time.

Critics say that following work there by the Council in recent years, it was was difficult for cars exiting the pay free car park to turn left and space is wasted.

The matter was on the agenda at the 21 March meeting of the area committee.

The current road design was set up with an attempt to slow down traffic speeding up from the town centre. It also came after with a pedestrian crossing after years of campaigning for that on safety grounds, following a serious accidents some years earlier.

Speaking to the Council’s Celbridge area committee on 21 March, area engineer, Jonathan Deane, said the the exit was safe but it was not sufficiently. “We will redesign it but we must do it safely,” he said. A tree will have to be removed.

Mr. Deane said they must have the correct length of land. Money wise, they will have to cost an proposed changes.

Cllrs. Frank O’Rourke and Colm Purcell said Mr. Deane’s remarks are positive.

Cllr. Purcell said vans have been parking on a section of the open space in front of the car park and drivers exiting the car park have lost vision as a result.

This is despite the fact that the erection of bollards has stopped drivers from parking in part of the open space. Cllr. Anthony Larkin said this waste space.

The main issue with the exit, say critics, is that when you are turn left up towards Maynooth on exit, you have to go too far out into the middle of the road.




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