Leixlip campaigner unhappy with new local govt Act

John Colgan and Teresa Byrne at the recent Town Council celebration.

John Colgan and Teresa Byrne at the recent Town Council celebration.

FORMER Town Councillor, John Colgan, has rejected claims that a former residents group was responsible for the setting up of the Town Council.

Mr. Colgan, who received a civic award from the Town Council last week, said the he and others had done a lot of work before the former Combined Residents Association of Leixlip (CRAL) got involved in the process.

Mr. Colgan said he organised a quite well attended meeting at thd Spa Hotel in the 1976, when he was chairman of the local Fine Gael branch at the time.

CRAL was only set up in 1985, by which time, a former Leixlip Community Council had become defunct. It did a lot of things at the time, he said, including campaigning for public lights and phone boxes.

Mr. Colgan said the County Council made things difficult for the Community Council at the time, asking that all communications with the Council be made through elected councillors.

He is not happy with the new local authority Act.

“The Council will have to get Ministerial consent to scratch themselves,” he said, pointing to the 250 page act of the Oireachtas.

Mr. Colgan said that when they tried the create the Town Commissioners, current Education Minister, Ruairi Quinn, was very helpful but others did not want it. He said that the Normans created a Town Council in Leixlip 1,000 years ago.




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