Larry Enright’s abuse memoir movie

Larry Enright along with some of the cast and crew who will appear in his upcoming film called 'If I Told'

Larry Enright along with some of the cast and crew who will appear in his upcoming film called 'If I Told'

ATHGARVANS emigrant Larry Enright will soon have a movie to his name, based on his memoirs of growing up in Athgarvan, surviving child abuse, drink, drugs and an aneurysm to finally make peace with the past through his books and his music.

Larry who has performed for Elizabeth Taylor, the Kennedy Clan and Bill Clinton in his second home Amercia published his second memoir entitled ‘The Truth Hurts’ earlier this year, which addressed his childhood and the abuse he claimed he received at the hands of an elderly local man for Athgaravan.

Larry named his attacker in the book, whom he describes as, “that dirty, old rat-faced boll**ks” as Old Dinny Craddock and who is now dead and is unable to challenge the allegations. The movie is called ‘If I Told’ and Larry will be back home in Kildare on Febuary, 17 to promote it and his latest book called ‘Don’t Blink’ from 2pm until 6pm at The Spout in Kilcullen.

“The basis of the movie is using humor and experience to survive child abuse and trauma from illness,” explained Larry.”There are various actors because of the age spread in my character but the actor that plays the largest role is John Coleman from Ireland. The movie contains my life stories plus other material from my life. I’m very proud of the project because it will allow others to see they can survive and heal from anything. The message is strong.”

The young actor who will play Larry as a seven year old boy, when he claims the abuse began, has been named as Toby King from Kildare.

“This is a very dramatic part for him,” added Larry who has also released a CD compliation called ‘If I told’ of songs from various artists around the world for the he movie.

“The title song ‘If You Told’ was written and performed by Ger Loughlin from Naas. The movie will be filmed in the US, Germany and Ireland and will be made readily available for Ireland and the US then distributed accordingly. “

I always look forward to my return home for the visit and I will be there again for the filming. I always thought I was less of a man (because of the abuse) in my personal life,” he said. “I took to the drink, I did some drugs trying to forget - I made a proper ass of myself. I ruined my music career and I got sick with a brain aneurysm. That’s what the book is all about.”

- Paula Campbell




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