Landmark pub open again in Prosperous

Propietors David and Valerie Bagnall.

Propietors David and Valerie Bagnall.

There were celebrations last weekend following the re-opening of the iconic pub, Dag Welds, in Blackwood.

The pub has been a landmark for many years, as well as having a link, stretching back many years, to the well-known Weld family.

However, the pub has not been in the ownership of the Weld family for many years.

The pub served customers from a large hinterland for many years, being the only watering hole from Allenwood and Prosperous.

It mainly attracted customers from rural Blackwood, Coolree and Coill Dubh.

But it ran into difficulties in the past few years and has been closed for a period of months.

In more recent times, Donal Houlihan, a grandson of original owner Dag Weld, bought the premises.

He has leased it to David and Valerie Bagnell, a local couple from the area. And David’s son Shane and another local, Clive Gordon, are set to run the pub with the couple and are hoping to make a go of it.

“We had our official opening last Friday and the place was jam-packed,” Mr. Gordon told the Leinster Leader, “Since then we’ve been getting a good crowd and sure, long may it continue.”

He said that re-opening the restaurant part of the premises was part of the plans but that for the moment, the aim was to re-establish the bar and pub element, “One thing at a time!” he joked.

In the mid 1980s a section of the pub burned down after a fire started during a busy night but an extension was built in recent years as management sought to diversify into pub grub.

The pub also featured in the film ‘Eat the Peach’.




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