Kildare Youth Theatre tackles death and sporting rivalry

Kildare Youth Theatre.

Kildare Youth Theatre.

Kildare Youth Theatre has two brand new comedies showing for two nights in Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 March at 8pm.

The first play, ‘Same’ is set in a nursing home.

“The audience will meet a group of teenage cousins coming to terms with the death of their grandmother who was a resident in the home,” said Director Peter Hussey.

“In another room, we see six of the elderly residents in the day-care room. The play presents us with realistic and very funny insights into how similar we all are, even though we range in age from 17 to 70.” The play is by Deborah Bruce, a writer commissioned by the UK’s National Theatre to create a play for young people about this issue.

“In the second play each evening, we enter the world of a local, poorly-performing soccer team called Sacred Hearts Football Club,” he added. “The play called ‘Hearts’ and written by Luke Norris is extremely funny, with brilliantly inventive characters and sharp dialogue, catching the internal rivalries of the team and of the girls who support them. There is some swearing in each play, and references to sexual activity in one of them, so they may not be suitable for all ages.”

Both plays are presented as a double-bill.




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