Kildare parents fundraising to help baby Clodagh fight cancer

Clodagh Daly with her parents

Clodagh Daly with her parents

The parents of 16-month-old Clodagh Daly, who is in remission from an aggressive cancer called neuroblastoma, need to raise another €75,000 to take part in a clinical trial in the US.

Clodagh is the baby daughter of Tammy from Newbridge and John, an instructor in the artillery school in the Curragh Camp, from Cork.

“She is very well now thank God,” said John.

“She was only five weeks old when she was diagnosed. She wasn’t feeding very well at the time so Tammy brought her to the doctor. We were referred to Crumlin where they did an ultra sound on her tummy and that’s when they saw a blip near her kidney. It turned out to be cancer.”

Neuroblastoma targets the central nervous system and Clodagh has already gone through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell treatment in her battle to fight it.

“There is no more cancer in her at the moment but there is a greater than 70 percent chance of a relapse,” he added.

“The survival rates for a relapse is only 7 percent so it’s grim. The clinical trial will take place at Helen De Vos Children’s Hospital in Michigan and it can prevent a relapse and eradicate the cancer at stem cell level. It can kill it while it is lying dormant. We are going over in March and we need to raise at least €150,000.”

The trial will last for two years and baby Clodagh will have to go back and forth every three months during that time for treatment.

“We have raised enough to get us there and get started but we need to continue to fund raise to sustain her treatment. I heard about the trial though my own research on the Internet. If you get a lead you have to follow it up thoroughly. So far there are 33 kids on it and 16 of those have been on it for over a year and not one of those have relapsed yet. The statistics would say that at least three of those by now should have relapsed. So that is good. Also there are no real adverse side effects on this trial so that helped us decide to give it a try.”




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