Kildare Fire Service ahead of the curve - Fire Officer

Kildare Fire Service is ahead of the curve.

Kildare Fire Service is ahead of the curve.

Kildare has one of the most advanced fire fighting systems in the country, and is ahead of the curve compared to most other counties.

That’s according to the county’s Chief Fire Officer Celina Barrett who outlined the system to members of Athy Town Council last Tuesday, January 14.

She outlined the changes that have been made to the system which are intended to increase response time to citizens of the county in case of a fire emergency.

She referenced an incident in which a farmer who lived near the Kildare/Wicklow border had to wait longer for a fire tender. because under the old system, it was a Kildare-based fire service who responded to him, whereas a Wicklow-based service would have gotten there a lot quicker.

Since that incident, the service has been restructured, so that the service that is capable of reaching a fire quickest is used first. The service uses a variety of methods to figure this out, including Google maps and local knowledge.

There are reciprocal arrangements with some neighbouring counties.a




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