Kildare County Council pledge to tackle dumping at Kerdiffstown bungalow site

Some of the refuse left in the garden behind the house. Pic: Tony Keane.

Some of the refuse left in the garden behind the house. Pic: Tony Keane.

KILDARE County Council says it is working to find a solution to the dumping problem at a property in Kerdiffstown, near the massive landfill site which is being cleaned up by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Council spokeswoman Annette Aspell said the local authority is “pursuing issues relating to this property” under both the Derelict Sites and Waste Management legislation.

Under the Derelict Sites legislation, Kildare County Council has issued a Section 11 notice on the owner.

This notice identifies the measures which the local authority consider to be necessary to prevent the site from continuing to be derelict.

The notice also directs the person identified in the notice to take specific actions to tackle the problem.

A council litter warden has also visited the site and a notice, under the waste management acts, has been served on the owner concerning waste on the site.

Local resident John Corley had complained that Kildare County Council has not done enough to tackle the problem at a bungalow dwelling built on an acre of land close to the dump which once operated by A1 Waste and which was closed on foot of a High Court order.

He said: “ I was going to clean up the site last year but I’m afraid it would cost too much. As it was I put down big concrete barriers at the entrance to make it difficult to get in. I believe the people who lived there are responsible for the dumping and I’m afraid now that others are joining in because it’s become a dump.”

A number of people, thought to be of Eastern Europe origin move into the dwelling but Mr. Corley claimed they eventually left after running up a significant electricity bill.

Since then all of the internal wiring has been taken away along with radiators, piping, a hot water cylinder and even the lead off the roof.

The items dumped there include plastic bottles, used nappies, furniture, broken toys and all of the windows have been smashed.

Local Fianna Fail representative James Lawless has described the situation as “an appalling sight”.

He said residents have had enough to deal with because of the dump.

“I appreciate there are complexities by virtue of it being a private house however the dumping spills right out onto the road and surely it is within jurisdiction at this stage. I have been on to the council about it for some time and I know inspectors have gone up to the property since to investigate. I understand an enforcement notice was recently issued against the property which is definitely progress,” added Mr. Lawless.

- Paul O’Meara




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