Kildare anti-pylon group welcomes review



With the local elections on the horizon, it’s not surprising the Government has announced a review of plans for the high voltage power line from Dunstown near Kilcullen to Cork, via Wexford.

Last week, the Grid Link Action Group, which represents communities in South Kildare stressed;“We would hope as part of this process that community groups will have an input into the terms of reference for the commission, to ensure the genuine concerns of the public are fully represented.”

The group said it would be worth considering whether the groups could also appoint representatives of similar calibre to reinforce the transparency of the commission.

“EirGrid have indicated that they are going to continue with route selection, if they do this prior to completing this review this would significantly undermine our confidence in this review as the routes to be chosen for underground will be different from over ground.”

Deputy Jack Wall said; “Issues set out in the terms of reference for the group include the investigation of underground of cables, health issues, property valuation, and the environment, are issues that I have been most concerned about since the start of this process. Given the expertise in the review group, I am confident that these will be investigated fully.”

Senator John Wheland remarked; “After giving full consideration to the latest Government move to ostensibly review the Grid25 project I am dismayed about what is proposed and have grave misgivings about the process, its limited scope and restrictive parameters. The so called pylon review is an absolute shambles and will end in tears.”

Chairman John O’Connor said; “It is very clear from our consultations and the public debate that concerns exist in relation to Grid Link and Grid West. It is important that we listen and respond to these concerns in a very meaningful way and that is why we are outlining the various initiatives today.”

It also announced a community fund and compensation package for affected areas.

Those living within 50 meters are to receive €30,000.




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