Kieran helps sell Man Utd family’s condo

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A Rathangan man, who emigrated to Chicago 20 years ago, has been involved in the high profile sale of a condo owned by Man Utd’s Glazer family.

The property, owned by Bryan Glazer, whose family has a controlling interest in the club, recently sold for just under $1 million ( €724,848).

The deal was secured by Kieran Conlon of CONLON: A Real Estate Company, which was set up by brothers Kieran and Sean, who hail originally from Newtown. Kieran declined to comment on the sale, but explained how the company was formed to meet the needs of “today’s ever changing real estate market as a specialised boutique brokerage.”

“Our company of over 200 brokers and seven offices brings together a team of the top performing brokers in Chicago. CONLON brokers are responsible for over $2 billion worth of homes purchased in the Chicago area,” he stressed.

In 2013 Conlon partnered with Christie’s International Real Estate. Despite the success, the real estate business is not without its challenges.

“The main story of the Chicago housing market remains the incredibly paltry levels of inventory - A lot of active buyers, but not a lot of homes for sale,” outlined Kieran.

Despite their achievements, the Conlon brothers remain in contact with their roots in Rathangan.

“My brother Sean and my sister Fiona also reside in Chicago. My mother Margo and brother Declan and younger sister Clodagh still live in Rathangan. With my busy schedule and three young children, I don’t get home as often as I would like. I try to get home at least once a year, but would love to be able to make more regular visits,” he outlined.

Kieran emigrated to Chicago in 1994 . Sean was already living there and he loved the city.

When asked if he had any words of wisdom for somebody setting out in the world of real estate, the Kildare man replied; “You need to be ready to put in many hours of hard work. This industry is seven days a week and you can never totally cut off contact from clients, hence the phone and iPad are always required to be within reach. Even when you go on vacation, don’t expect to have a totally relaxing time, a timely response is always expected. Home sales contracts need to be negotiated no matter where you are.”




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