Key vote on Kilcock project at end of June

The Royal Canal at Kilcock.  Photo Tony Keane.

The Royal Canal at Kilcock. Photo Tony Keane.

The new Kildare County Council is expected to make a major decision on a health centre for Kilcock at the end of this month, writes Henry Bauress.

Plans for a primary care centre and a community centre are now in train following the setting up of an Integrated Service Project (ISP) in 2012.

Susan Bookle, the ISP Director, told the first meeting of the new Maynooth/Clane Municipal District on 10 June, that it was one of three set up in the county because of the low level of services present to meet the needs of a growing population.

The outcome of the programme, which involved many community groups, is plans for the creation of a Primary Care health centre and a community centre at the Bawnogues.

The County Council will have to vote to materially contravene its Development Plan to enable that to get planning permission.

A vote on that is due to take place at the full Council meeting on 30 June and the support of three quarters (30) of the forty elected members is necessary to pass the proposal.

Ms. Bookle said that there were currently only two medical GP’s in the area to cater for 8,000 people.

She said the plans for the community centre, involving 45 local groups, is expcted to lead to a planning application in August.

But she said, the funding available for that centre, is not yet available. “We are working very hard to identify funding and the architect is designing the community centre project on a phased basis.”




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