KCC regrets ‘inconvenience caused’ by Lakeside sewage

Richard Scott, from 3465 Lakeside Park Newbridge.

Richard Scott, from 3465 Lakeside Park Newbridge.

Kildare County Council has stated that it ‘regrets any inconvenience’ caused to a resident of Lakeside Park in Newbridge after his complaints of sewage in his yard from heavy rainfall was dismissed by a senior council official on Thursday.

Richard Scott of Lakeside Park rang the council on Thursday to report the problem to Director of Services Joe Boland.

“I rang the council yesterday when the sewage was coming up off the ground and into my yard and was told that it couldn’t be as it wasn’t even raining,” said Richard who lives in the house with his wife Tracey and two daughters Emily who is three and Taylor who is 19 months.

“I am at my wits end. The council were aware of this issue long before I moved in four years ago.”

Mr Scott was told by the council that the issue was a matter for the roads department, despite his health and safety concerns.

“When it rains I have raw sewage, condoms, tampons all coming into my garden,” he said. “In heavy rain the water off the road is carried into the drains and the drains can’t cope. Every time it rains I have to hose off my garden and when they bring in water rates that is going to cost me.”

A council spokesperson, Annette Aspell said that any ‘inconvenience is regretted’ adding that the problem at this location relates to infiltration of surface water into the sewerage system.

The solution will involve ‘the insertion of a larger diameter surface water pipe which is estimated to take 6 weeks to 2 months, to complete’.

“Arrangements are being made to clean up Mr Scott’s garden and general area of any sewer related residue,” she said.




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