Kathleen meets Princess Anne at hospital opening

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A Calverstown clinical project manager, who spearheaded the construction of a new €95m hospital, met Princess Anne at its official opening last month.

On February 27, the Princess visited the newly established North Middlesex Maternity Hospital in London. She informed Kathleen O’Halloran-Barns from Calverstown that the Queen loved visiting Ireland and especially loved Kildare and the Curragh.

Kathleen has been working tremendously hard to design, build and commission this multi-million euro project for the last 18 months.

As the Senior Clinical Projects Manager she oversaw the closure of the Maternity Unit at Chase Farm Hospital and the transfer of the services in November.

“The transition went very quickly. Chase Farm Hospital’s Unit shut at midnight and all services were smoothly transferred,” she outlined.

The Irish born mother-of- one said she is very proud of her son, Michael, who is now studying paramedic science in London. She lovingly said “It’s like he is following in his mother’s footsteps”.

The princess royal attended the unit in her role as Patron of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Kathleen gave her a tour of the hospital. Princess Anne commented that “It felt like walking into a five-star hotel” and that it reminded her of Star Trek with all the modern technology and equipment.

After the tour, Kathleen got to speak with Princess Anne who spoke warmly of the Queen’s visit to Ireland. She felt they got on really well and discussed the Princess and the Queen’s passion for horses.

The ambitious project manager has a very busy future with 20 more projects lined up.

She remarked; “I am very excited to be bringing lots of ideas across, I love my job, I thrive on it”.




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