John Devoy statue is set for Poplar Square

Permanent TSB branch, Poplar Square, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

Permanent TSB branch, Poplar Square, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.

A campaign is underway to raise funds for the construction of a life-size bronze statue of John Devoy, an Irish Republican who was originally from Greenhills, Kill. The fundraising is being spearheaded by the John Devoy Committee of New York, a sub-committee of the County Kildare Association of New York.

It’s seeking 45,000 US dollars. Naas man Seamus Curran who co-authored “A Forgotten Hero - John Devoy” said the monument would likely be erected at Poplar Square. “We’d like to do it as soon as possible. John Devoy has been forgotten in Irish history even though he’s been the subject of TV and radio documentaries.” Devoy played a key role in the struggle for self determination for Ireland up to the 1916 Rising.The hope is that the statue will be up in September 2015, six months before the 100th anniversary of the rebellion. Because Devoy spent much of his life abroad, he is overlooked. Born in 1861, he served in the French Foreign Legion in Algeria before becoming a Fenian organiser in Naas. He served time in jail for treason and on his release in 1871 he was exiled to the US and lived for 50 years in New York, heading up Clan na Gael in the US. Address: County Kildare Association - JDM Fund, 78 Walnut Ave., Floral Park, New York 11001. (




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