Insurance companies are cherry picking - Leixlip Town Council

A aerial view of Leixlip. Photo: Dessie Boland

A aerial view of Leixlip. Photo: Dessie Boland

FLOOD issues will be affecting other areas much more than Leixlip but local elected representatives are unhappy with insurance companies refusing flood insurance in some areas of the town with low or no risk of flooding.

Town Councillors supported a 4 February proposal by Cllr. Colm Purcell that the Town Council try and reverse the decision of insurance companies not to provide flood cover to some households.

Cllr. Purcell said insurance companies are cherry picking customers. He could understand them not insurance those whose buildings are on flood planes. He said 1954 was the last time the town had flooded near the Liffey.

He said peole in Glendale Meadows and River Forest are being refused flood cover because they are near the Royal Canal. “We should take that on.” Cllr. Purcell also said that in the case of people refuse cover because of this, their premiums did not reduce.

He wants the Town Council to take the issue up with the Insurance Ombudsman and the relevent Minister. The risk assessment should valid before cover is refused. “I don’t think this is valid,” he said, asking resident to send flood details to the Town Council.

Cllr. Denis McCarthy said insurance companies are getting very smart. Two would not quote at all for houses near the Rye River.

He said that while some houses are only 60m from the Rye, they are very unlikely to flood.




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