Injured man waited hour for ambulance

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The apparent creaking nature of Kildare’s ambulance services was brought into stark relief following a road traffic accident near Narraghmore late on St. Patrick’s night.

The driver of the car, a male, was badly injured in the accident and sustained several broken bones in the crash which occurred on the R415 between Old Grange and Crookstown.

The first ambulance to reach the man arrived after 35 minutes, but bizarredly, broke down at the scene of the crash and was incapable of bringing the injured man to hpsital.

A second ambulance was then called, and it arrived an hour and 10 minutes after the crash had initially occurred.

The casualty was then brought to Naas Hospital where he is recovering from his injuries.

“They weren’t life threatening injuries, but they were still serious enough,” local councillor Martin Miley remarked to the Leinster Leader.

”To be in a state like that for an hour and ten minutes, with those injuries is not nice.”

The councillor wondered if vehicles were being renewed, or was is it like the case of the Garda cars some years ago that had to be scrapped after 300,000 kms and weren’t replaced.

He said that front line services should not be affected by budgetry constraints adding that the problem was more acute “the further you move away from the Pale”.

Meanwhile Sinn Fein, which protests at the situation on Saturdays in Athy, has called for the fire brigade to be automatically called out to every traffic accident.

And Cllr. Thomas Redmond has called for the HSE to meet councillors over it.




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