Huge support for Ballyteague Community Alert

An aerial shot of Ballyteague.

An aerial shot of Ballyteague.

Ballyteague Community Text Alert Scheme has attracted an unprecedented level of support since it was launched a few weeks ago.

Of the 160 houses in the area, fewer than 10 did not take up the option of joining the scheme.

That’s according to committee member Eileen Farrell.

“People are certainly very concerned about the possibility of crime in this area,” she explained, adding that burglaries are the main fear.

“We’re very lucky here. It’s very local and people look out for each other.

“If somebody is away on holidays, we look out for their house while they’re gone - or if there are elderly people living alone.

“The take up was very high - it appears it’s much higher than in other local text alert schemes.”

There have, she said, been three or four alerts in the few weeks since the scheme was launched, with, she explained, Superintendent Ian Lackey taking a personal interest in overseeing the text alerts.

Ms. Farrell said she saw it as a good deterrent. “When you drive in, you see the sign, and if you’re of that inclination, it might stop you and make you think twice!”




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