HSE admits delay at Clane Primary Care Centre

Deputy Emmet Stagg has queried the delay in the Clane Primary Care Centre.

Deputy Emmet Stagg has queried the delay in the Clane Primary Care Centre.

The HSE has said that there will be a delay in the establishment of the new Primary Care Centre in Clane.

They say that this is as a result of a decision to include Network Disability Services at the same location.

The matter was initially raised by Deputy Emmet Stagg who noted that the new Care Centre is not in compliance with building regulation standards.

But the HSE clarified in a statement, saying as a result of adding the Network Disability Services, the landlord for the development had to submit a new fire certificate and disability certificate.

“We understand from the developer that the fire certificate and the disability certificate have been issued and this ensures compliance with building regulation.”

The location in question in the Westgrove Centre, near the hotel of the same name and Supervalu.

The HSE expect the facility to be operational by September.

Deputy Stagg he was disappointed at the delay, but added that it was essential that the building complied fully with all building regulation standards.

He said he would continue to monitor progress on the new centre.

When completed, it’s expected that the following services will be provide at the Clane Primary Care Centre GP’s, Public Health Nurses, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietician, Home Help, Social Work, Counselling, Psychology and an Early Intervention Team for Disability Services.

The Primary Care Centres were one of the major initiatives of the now departed Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly.




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