Hopes dashed for Town Hall works to start soon

Newbridge Town, Kildare. Photo:Michael Donnelly.

Newbridge Town, Kildare. Photo:Michael Donnelly.

Newbridge Town Councillors hopes to see the Town Hall refurbished before the council is abolished under the forthcoming local government reforms took a setback at last weeks meeting.

Councillors were told that the refurbishment works for the long sought after town hall will have to be re-tendered in March to fit the budget.

“We are no closer than stopping the pigeons from getting in to the building,” said Cllr Murty Aspell. “In the 19 months since we have been pushing this - what a joke.”

Cllr Aspell accused Kildare County Council of dragging it’s heels with the project and questioned if the Council was simply stalling the project looking for Newbridge Town Council’s refurbishment money.

“Are Kildare County Council looking for the money that we have in our account for the town hall?” he added. “If so why don’t they just come out and say it?”

Cllr Fiona O’Loughlin said she was ‘appalled’ that it was going out for re-tender.

“We’ve gone through two architects, we are close to being dissolved and our bank account going back to Kildare County Council,” she said. “The town council should lobby KCC to make this, the town hall, our legacy and we should insist that the seat of the municipality is here and not in Naas going forward.”

It was agreed via a freedom of information request to find out how much over the years that Kildare County Council has spent on architects, consultants, advisers and reports for the town hall over the years.

“We are 20 years down the road and no further along,” said Cllr Aspell.

“Why can’t we make it a project for the community? - there are people out there willing and able to do the work. We should employ them and keep it in the community.”




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