FF/FG deal on cards at new Council meeting

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AS tomorrow’s agm of Kildare County Council approaches, it appears that an agreement between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, along with a couple of independents, will be ratified.

Fianna Fail won 12 of the 40 seats in the local election on 23 May and Fine Gael won nine. That would give the group 21 votes, the necessary majority in some major votes, including who will be Mayor and on budgets.

It is expected that a number of independents, including, perhaps, former Fianna Fail member, Bernard Caldwell from Leixlip, will support the two main parties. It remains to be seen if this coalition, which has been suggested at national level, will last the full term of the Council, in the pace of potential disagreement at national level.

Between them Sinn Fein (5 seats), Labour (5 seats) and the independents (9) total 19, are just two short of a narrow, if also, potentially, unstable or short term majority.

It is also possible that the first Mayor of the new Council will be Fianna Fail’s Fiona O’Loughlin, but that remains to be seen until tomorrow’s vote.

The Council is expected, also tomorrow, to agree dates for the first meetings of each municipal district, which must be held between 6-16 June.

- By Henry Bauress




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