European bid for new St. Catherine’s track

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A new leisure cycling track near Leixlip will be handed over to the Lucan BMX club very shortly and cycling body, BMX Ireland, will shortly apply to host a round of the European Championship in the year future.

Hans Visser, spokesperson, for Fingal County Council, said the Lucan BMX Club will be operating and maintaining the new track in St. Catherine’s Park on behalf of the County Council on a not-for-profit basis.

Mr. Visser said last week the paperwork associated with handing over the track to the Lucan Club was “a bit more time consuming than anticipated but most of it is done now and we hope to hand over the track within the next week or so.”

The track can be used by Lucan BMX Club members and visitors on day passes.

Asked about public road access to the track from Leixlip, Mr. Visser said: “Regarding the access to the track from Black Avenue, the plan is to upgrade the road that runs along our depot thereby creating a cycling route from Black Avenue via St. Catherines Park to Lucan. This route would serve the BMX track too. This road is currently accessible already, but is not in a great state hence the need for further upgrading which was identified in the masterplan for the park.”

Built by Fingal CC and funded by Fingal Leader Partnership, local (Laragchon) residents, businesses and BMX Ireland, the track, officially opened on 27 June, cost only €125,000, which, said Eamon Wyer,BMX Ireland, is “massive bang for the euro.”

Construction work by Euroservice Contracts Ltd. began in October 2013 and took about 20 weeks. “The track is constructed to a such a high that BMX Ireland will apply to host a round of the European Championships in the near future, said Mr. Wyer”




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