Election - Miley’s focus on Athy community

Cllr Martin Miley

Cllr Martin Miley

Kildare County Council Martin Miley (FF) will focus his local election campaign on the importance of community in South Kildare.

There are ten contenders up for the coveted six seats in Athy and Cllr Miley will join Aoife Breslin- Labour, Mark Dalton- FF, Richard Daly -FG, Ivan Keatley -FG, Ger Kelly -SF, Richard O’Rourke -FG, Thomas Redmond -SF, Mark Wall - Labour and Colm McNamee, Independent.

Married to Louise Perse and living in Athy with his two children Sarah and Anna, Cllr Miley’s goal is to unite communities urban and rural, by tackling the issues that binds everyone.

“Community, by its definition, is a social unit of any size that shares common values,” said Cllr Miley.

“I am well aware of the many challenges facing the various sections of society,” he added.

“ From the real problems of financial uncertainty caused by unemployment, pay cuts, high property tax, pending water charges, rising costs of utilities, mortgage arrears and more to the everyday fears that encroach on our community members.

“In recent times, some of us have been forced to leave our area for pastures new or indeed have had family member and friends close to us that have had no choice, but to emmigrate to seek work or a better life.”

Cllr Miley has been involved in the community alerts and text messaging service in South Kildare, the creation of child and teen facilities locally and tackling the pylon and windmill issues.

He was first elected to KCC in 2004 after the death of his father Martin Snr, who served as a councillor for 30 years.

Prior to that, his grandfather, Bill, served on Kildare County Council for 15 years. Since his election in 2004, he claims to have worked tirelessly for the people of the Athy Electoral area, along with his fellow councillors and local TDs.




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