ELECTION - Knocking on heaven’s doors

Martin Grehan.

Martin Grehan.

HIGHFIELD Park in Kiclcok did not appear too busy on Saturday 3 May when People Before Profit candidate, Martin Grehan, and two of his campaign aides started to knock on doors around 1.30pm.

Many houses were empty or, if not, no one opted to answer.

The interesting thing about accompanying a candidate is not just finding out how people will react to them but what people know about the issues.

Martin, a maths graduate, who worked as a postman for six months, knows something about calling to doors already.

At one a dog barks and emerges from the side. We skip that one.

Some who opened their doors asked who he was and if he was local. Most were prepared to give some time to listen.

We found that some elderly people were nervous, understandably, perhaps given the presence of two men on their doorstep.

Maynooth based Martin has been campaigning in the Maynooth/Clane electoral area to row back the cuts in the Maynooth ambulance service, including the non use of a the local Maynooth ambulance on Thursdays.

Eventually, he firmly believes, this will lead to tragedy.

At one door, a young man tells how the ambulance was called to the local secondary school, Scoil Dara, for a not very serious incident. “I thought it would take ten minutes but it was half an hour,” he said.

The campaign has received widespread publicity in newspaper and on internet/social media but one relatively young man said he had not heard of ambulance cuts.

A couple of householders were very firm. “Sorry, no thanks,” the said denying the candidate a minute of their time. Another said: “I don’t even listen to them.”

Another said: “I’ve no interest and don’t give a fiddler.”

Yet another said: “I’m not interested. I don’t want to know politicians.”

At another door, a young woman, who is living with her parents, says she hasn’t a clue what the elections are for and then proceeds to tell Martin that Focus Ireland is helping get on the County Council’s housing list.

At another door, Martin, is told the members of the household are angry with the political parties, and very angry with Labour, whom at least one of them supported.

The couple are asking where elderly people are going to get over €400 for charges.

Following a chat in which the woman said a lot of national problems lie with the European Union, Martin was promised a number one vote.

After an hour, I leave the candidate to continue his quest.




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