Election - Cutting Irish debt a priority – Higgins

Senator Lorraine Higgins canvassing in Celbridge last week.

Senator Lorraine Higgins canvassing in Celbridge last week.

Fighting against Ireland’s legacy debt will be one of the main driving forces for Senator Lorraine Higgins if she gets a seat for the Labour Party in the European Parliament elections on 23 May, writes Henry Bauress.

The Galway-born barrister was raised on a quarter of an acre in the fields of Athenry, she told us on a recent election campaign stop-off at Leixlip House Hotel.

Senator Higgins spent seven years at the bar and dealt with many of those in financial trouble. Her biggest task, she said, will be to fight to cut down Ireland debt at European level.

At one point, the European Parliament’s powers were not as great as they are now. Far more power lay in the hands of the Council of Ministers.

Senator Higgins, who studied economics, politics and history at UCG or NUI Galway, as it is now known, said the Parliament how has an increased role in determining the budget.

Senator Higgins, who runs legal clinics, said there is nothing more harrowing than facing eviction.

She believes Ireland is too exposed to the harshest elements of European Union law. “Ireland has been too rash to take everything from the European Union.”

Other countries, such as France and Spain, do not implement everything which comes from Europe.

She said the Senate could have an enhanced role in examining legislation from the European Union.

She is also hopeful that the more socialist leaning SND, with which Labour is associated, will soon have a majority.




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