Contractor to investigate Athy sewerage problem

Cllr Mark Wall

Cllr Mark Wall

A special contractor has been taken on to investigate sewerage problems in Athy after the problem reemerged earlier this month when businesses and residents were forced to abandon their properties for several hours.

Cllr Mark Wall welcomed confirmation from Town Manager, Joe Boland that a contractor has being engaged to investigate the source of problems on the Kildare road and Leinster street.

At the recent Town Council meeting, the manager confirmed that initial investigations into the problem had identified problems with the pumping stations in a number of estates on the Kildare Road, regarding their performance and the amount of time they are in operation. The contractor will investigate the pumps at these stations and will provide a telemetry monitoring device that will allow mobile tracking of the levels and performance of the stations and the pumps.

“The Town Manager confirmed that he is very optimistic that these solutions will prevent future problems with the systems and avoid the unacceptable smells that have caused problems for the businesses and residents on the roads affected,” said Cllr. Wall.

Meanwhile, the Manager and Town Engineer confirmed that they have awarded a tender to an operator to carry out remedial work on the Kildare Road which it is hoped will prevent any further problems with odour on that road. The works will include the diversion of pipes away from the existing houses in Geraldine. The town engineer is waiting on some health and safety documentation and the works are expected to take four weeks.

“This is very positive news for those affected by these very serious problems, I look forward to further engagement between the Council and those affected, this problem has gone on far to long and I hope that these solutions will solve these problems once and for all for the sake of all those involved,” stressed the Labour councillor.




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