Confusion over Athy road delay

Cllr. Aoife Breslin:

Cllr. Aoife Breslin: "The problem is staffing, not money."

Confusion surrounds the precise nature of an apparent delay in work on Athy’s Southern Distributor Route.

An announcement was made prior to the local elections that €1 million was being made available by central government to get the project off the ground.

But at yesterday morning’s meeting of the Athy Municipal District, several councillors questioned the council’s lack of progress.

The Council officials assured members that they are fully committed to the project.

They said that they had “commenced planning to put in place certain resources”.

These included a planning team and engineering services contractors. They also indicated a starting date of 2016 to start the project.

The councillors were un-impressed.

“Not good enough. Time to get a move on,” Cllr. Aoife Breslin said. “After 40 years waiting for it, we’ve told them to get a move on,” she added.

But she was certain that “the money isn’t the issue - it’s staffing”.

Cllr. Martin Miley, the chair of the District, said the councillors would “leave no stone unturned in this”.

He said that the councillors were unanimous in their determination to push the coun cil on the project.

On the basis of a 2016 start, he felt that it could be 2020, or later, before it was completed, something the wasn’t happy with.

He said that a meeting with senior council management would take place soon.

However Cllr. Thomas Redmond was sceptical that there isn’t €1 million available.

“I see the need for the road, but until I see a digger going in, or I see signs that the council is planning to buy land, then I’m remain sceptical.”




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