Company turf war denied in Leixlip lights cut saga

The Intel interchange road in Leixlip.

The Intel interchange road in Leixlip.

POOR design at the initial stage is being blamed for ongoing problems with public lights in the Celbridge Interchange and Intel link road areas of Leixlip.

At their 25 April meeting, Celbridge area councillors were given details about faults on the system which have been ongoing for months.

Council lights official, Ronan Linnane, denied reports of “turf” war between Airtricity and ESB networks over repairs and said the Council was satisified with Airtricity’s performance. He said the two companies work closely together.

Mr. Linnane said the lights were were installed as part of the overall Interchange project, completed in February 2003.

Mr. Linnane said the fault that affected the Easton Road and the dual carriageway in 2013, and another in March 2014, was as a result of “either faulty connections or an overloaded circuit due to a poor design.”

A fire destroyed the supply point. A new non-standard mini pillar, required to be custom built, was needed to ensure overheating causing a fire would not reoccur.

Airtricity provided a temporary lights sollution while waiting for the the permanent ESB Network connection. Cllr. Senan Griffin, Anthony Larkin and Teresa Byrne suggested there was a dispute between the two companies. Cllr. Larkin, an electrician, said this delay would not happend in an industrial plant.




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