Celbridge family water meter moved during holiday absence

Kevin Carey at his meter point in Oldtown Mill, Celbridge.

Kevin Carey at his meter point in Oldtown Mill, Celbridge.

A Celbridge householder has advised people to check their water meters for potential leakage.

Kevin Carey, secretary of Oldtown Mill residents association (second phase), did a check on his own meter during a recent week’s holiday.

Having checked taps and any other devices which could have enabled water flow during his absence from his home, he found that when he returned, the meter had jumped by one unit, an equivalent of ten litres.

It is not a lot, he says, but it does amount to around 600 litres or ten baths a year and he advises people to use their holiday breaks to measure possible leaks.

In other cases, he said, leaks could be far worse. “I’ve no problems paying for water but not twice,” he told the Leader.

He said the ten litre difference could be down to a very slow leak or perhaps an unaccounted for flush of the toilet by someone in the house, empty during their absence.

Kevin, a maths teacher,said he is able to lift his outside water meter with a screwdriver, but in some houses built in the last five years, a metal lid exists and householders may not be able to check.

He said the average use of water for a household of their size, two adults and three young children, would be around 100,000 litres per year and believes that with an allowance for children he may have to pay nothing. “That may change,” he suspects.




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