Castletown Foundation member rejects right argument

Higgins has called for action on the Right of Way issue at Castletown.

Higgins has called for action on the Right of Way issue at Castletown.

THE vice president of the Castletown Foundation which has an advisory role on Castletown Demesne, has issued a statement in which she says there are no legal rights of way through the Demesne.

Jeanne Meldon said she was “very concerned about the extent of the inaccurate information that has been put into the public domain on the Castletown issue.”

She said the estate was given to the State.

This week, Community Solidarity candidate, Brendan Young, said he would oppose any move to fence the estate off and feared commercialisation, Ms. Meldon said. “No public right of way was associated with the lands adjacent to the Batty Langley. Kildare County Council issued an enforcement notice in 2006 but subsequently confirmed that it should not have referred to a right of way.”

Ms. Meldon said: “There does not appear to be any documented historical evidence to support the contention of a right of way through Castletown and “very limited anecdotal evidence of a grassy track linking Celbridge to Dublin via Leixlip with a river crossing at New Bridge in the 17th century.” Maps show the main Dublin-Naas road passing through Newcastle- not Celbridge/ Castletown).

Supporting night closure, Ms. Meldon said Castletown will remain, open 365 days a year but it has suffered from vandalism. “Taxpayers will be liable if injury occurs and action is taken.”




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