Cancer captured through the lens in new Newbridge exhibition

Brid Leddy.

Brid Leddy.

‘A Year in the Life’ is a photographic exhibition by local cancer survivor Brid Leddy, which will go on display at Newbridge Library from Tuesday, March 18 to April 10.

The photographer and primary school teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2013.

Taking the pictures helped both to inspire her during her treatment and map her road to recovery by the following Christmas Eve, 2013.

“My treatment finished on Christmas Eve,” said Brid. “It was a real shock getting the diagnosis and in a way taking the photographs really helped me. I couldn’t sleep much and I would often find myself out in Killinthomas woods with my camera, waking up with the birds.”

One of Brid’s favourite pictures was taken after her surgery while staying with a relative in Sligo.

“There is a selfie that I took when I was discharged from hospital, which I call ‘freedom’,” she said. “I did lots of walks around Benbulbin in Sligo. Before I was diagnosed I had been feeling fine. I just felt a lump and like it or not I was thrown into a different journey.

“You have to take each day as it comes. I just put my trust in the medical team and went with it.”

Brid, who also sings with the Kill singers and acts with Newbridge and Prosperous Drama Group, says her life now after cancer has a whole new perspective.

“I am seeing things in a different way and I can now give people with cancer support. I am with the Newbridge Cancer Support group and I chat and listen to people. It is very rewarding. I am also more understanding than I would have been before.”

The images chosen for the exhibition brought Brid both comfort and empowerment in adversity and she hopes will be a source of inspiration to others.

“I am very proud of it.”




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